Ah, listing time


Here’s a basic rundown of the last nearly-three weeks:

* Jon proposed.

* I blinked.

* I’m sitting here writing this blog.

So, there you have it. At least, this is what it feels like. Who knew that figuring out dresses, flower girls, reception sites and in the midst of this, working on a copyedit and meeting with my high school girls would make the time fly so fast.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

* Wedding dress = Found! Yay!

* Church = Booked

* Reception = At church

* Copyedit = About to be faxed back (doing a little happy dance here)

Here’s what I’ve yet to accomplish:

* Bridesmaids = Currently clothing-less

* Flowergirls = Currently clothing-less

* Honeymoon = Currently unbooked

But I do have a fun idea for the shoes! My aunt told me the first thing she bought for her wedding was her shoes and then planned the rest of the wedding around them. I’m thinking of going western and wearing cowboy boots. We’ll see if it pans out, but any idea is further than no thoughts at all, so I feel like progress is being made.

Meanwhile, I haven’t watched White Christmas yet and here it is, December 7th. This is a tragical thing.

I’m reading through Isaiah in my devotions, like I do every Christmas time, and I keep coming across a theme that I haven’t really noticed before – thankfulness. Maybe I’m just noticing it this year because of everything going on. Because in the midst of all of this excitement about a new life, a new husband and new traditions, there’s also sadness about old traditions passing away.

My pastor told me something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. When things seem crazy, overwhelming, sad or even ecstatically exciting, the best thing I can do is turn every emotion into thankfulness to God. When I’m tearing up over the ornaments because this is my last Christmas at home, thanking God that I had a family who valued traditions and I can carry those into my new life. When I’m smiling so wide my face hurts, thanking God that he’s put a man in my life who makes me grin.

Just a few scattered thoughts. I hope you are taking time to enjoy this Christmas month!


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3 Responses to “Ah, listing time”

  1. Rebornbutterfly Says:

    you have gotten a lot accomplished!
    I hope you find time for White Christmas!

  2. Brittanie Says:

    Hi Erynn
    When is your wedding date?

  3. chipotle Says:

    The photo: “Mr Bones! Mr Bones! How do you feel Mr Bones?”

    “Mr Bones feel rat-lin – ha ha. Tell a little story Mr Bones.”

    “A funny little story Mr Bones…”

    The BEST Christmas movie of all time!

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