Crunch Time

Here’s the thing: I have been going to bed and getting up just like every other normal person out there, but somehow my brain has not made the connection that this is how days pass. Because even though I know it’s July 18, it feels very much like it should be the 6th or so.

And since it is July 18, that means I’ve got exactly 5 whole days before I have to be completely prepared for a fiction workshop I’m teaching in Colorado Springs. Oy.

On top of all of this, my church has an annual thing called Avalanche where we have tons and tons and tons of middle schoolers come to the church and play awesome games (like football with a cow tongue!) and hear way cool messages and listen to probably the best band ever (I’m probably biased – Jon and both of my brothers are in it). That week is amazing, but the whole month before is crazy with planning. I’ve been at the church most of this week painting the backdrops (which look AMAZING – thanks to Katie, Robert, Becca and Caitie!).

And even beyond all of that, after a lot of prayer, I decided to turn in my resignation at the church and take a job at an adorable tea room. So, come August, I’ll be able to make you the best pot of tea there is. :).

Add to that still trying to write on my story, still trying to meet with as many girls as I can before I leave, still trying to work out occasionally, still trying to keep the house in decent order and still trying to keep both me and Jon fed…

It would probably explain why I’ve fallen dead asleep both times I’ve sat down in the past two days.

Oy. I don’t understand how women with children do it – all this plus a two year-old? I’m clinging to my hope that God gives extra strength when you’ve got kids.

Which is why I’m so delayed, but I proudly bring you “Following Through – How To Do It.”

I hope you’re giggling too. I’m like the last person on the planet to teach about following through.

As I’ve just illustrated, pretty much the best way to follow through with writing is to go live in a cave until you’re done with whatever you’re working on. But since caves are pretty scarce and probably damp, I wouldn’t highly recommend that option.

No, instead, I’d say this: What’s causing you to not finish whatever you’re writing?

Then ask yourself: Is that more important that my writing?

If it isn’t, then by all means. Write. The hardest thing about writing is writing. Turn off the TV, turn your phone on silent. Sitting down, plugging away at a faceless machine, downing caffeine and trying to be creative is not easy.

But if whatever is making you freeze mid-sentence and then forget where you were is one of these three things: 1) Family, 2) Friends in Need, 3) Job – then put the caffeine down and interact with what God has put in your life right now.

As for me? I’m getting back to work on my workshop presentation. Or possibly taking a morning nap…

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Erynn šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Crunch Time”

  1. cjoy Says:

    I think God provides ADAPTABILITY when you have kids…I have three now and find I keep adapting at new levels. (Writing…yeah, back burner, and that means even the random cool ideas that pop in my head. They disappear by the time I pull into the garage and meet real life barrelling out of the van).
    For now, enjoy a long nap (and don’t be anxious for tomorrow). šŸ™‚

  2. Julia Says:

    Weeell, hey. I guess I’m your new lil fan. Like the blog. Hate the fact that you haven’t updated since the stone ages.

  3. Charity Says:

    Hey Erynn!! I love your books so much! I’ve tried to e-mail you, but it has not been working. So I’ll just type to you on here. I started reading your books at 11 years old. I know that probably wasn’t the age group you intended the books for, but I LOVED them anyway. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, and like you, writing is my passion. If I can, I will send you part of the story I’m writing. I’d love to get one of my favorite authors’ opinions on it. When I saw your book in the little Christian book store near me for the first time, I was looking for a good book to read while I waited for the next book in the Warriors series to come out (My favorite books!!). I was just browsing, until I laid eyes on MissMatch. I immediately picked it up, briefly read through the back, and bought it. Something TOLD me to buy it! As soon as I started reading it back at home, I was hooked. I had it done in about three days, and wanted more. When I checked out your site, I discovered ReMatch wouldn’t be out for a LONG time!! It crushed me for a while, but I started reading some great classics. Then as soon as ReMatch came down, I swallowed it without chewing, but then went back and read some things over again. Now that I’ve recently finished MatchPoint, even though I’m sad it’s all over, I am very pleased with the ending, and couldn’t ask for more (well…Unless Laurie was to have kids that is. he he). Also I thought I might add, we are a lot alike, from the amazing love of chocolate, to the same slippers. Well anyway, thank you. Thank you so much! I absolutely adore your writing and your personality. Please keep writing and post any new books on your site. Oh, and congrats on your new husband! =) God bless you both!

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